Mesmara Epsom Salt 800 gms

Mesmara Epsom Salt 800 gms
Mesmara Epsom Salt 800 gms Mesmara Epsom Salt 800 gms Mesmara Epsom Salt 800 gms
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 About Mesmara Epsom Salt 800 gms

Epsom salt is different from traditional salt in that it’s actually a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate, and is technically known as magnesium sulfate. It’s composed of tiny, colorless crystals that look like table salt, but it’s actually a completely different thing, as table salt is made up of sodium chloride. Magnesium sulfate is a mineral that many of us are lacking in, as levels have been decreasing over the last three to four decades around the world.

The lack of this important nutrient in our bodies is due to a combination of issues, including over development of agricultural land that leaches essential minerals like magnesium and other trace elements from the soil, the overuse of prescription medications, the consumption of processed and fast foods, and more. All of these things take a toll, depleting our body of magnesium, which is one of the reasons Epsom salt can be an important part of improving one’s health. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory and exfoliant that can be used for treating muscle aches and dry skin. Soak in a warm bath with a capful of Epsom salt, to enjoy its renowned therapeutic and healing properties, inside and out.

  • Add two cups of Mesmara Epsom Salt to warm, running bath water. Settle in and soak for 20 minutes to help relieve stress and stiffness.
  • Mix one cup of Mesmara Epsom Salt with warm water in a foot bath and soak feet for 10 minutes to help soothe aches and soften rough skin.
  • Exfoliate and soften skin in the shower by mixing a handful of Mesmara Epsom Salt with a tablespoon of shower gel or olive oil and massage onto wet skin. Rinse thoroughly.

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