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Christine Valmy Exo-Val Cream,40gm
Purifying, non-irritating, exfoliating body mask ..
Mesmara Activated Coconut Charcoal 125gm
Activated carbon manufactured from coconut shell is considered superior to those obtained fr..
Rs.249.00/- Rs.200.00/-
Mesmara Aloe Vera Peel Off Mask,30g
Why Mesmara Professional Aloe Vera Peel Off Mask The Aloe Vera plant has a 2000 year history of u..
Rs.180.00/- Rs.162.00/-
Mesmara Aloe Vera powder 125 gm
The aloe vera plant is considered to be a miracle plant because of its numerous curative and healing..
Rs.249.00/- Rs.224.00/-
Mesmara Amla Powder 125 g
Amla powder is dried and powdered Indian gooseberry. Revered in Ayurvedic medicine, it’s been used f..
Rs.249.00/- Rs.224.00/-
Mesmara Bentonite Clay 200gm
Bentonite Clay mask will help draw out toxins through the skin. The electrical charge produc..
Rs.250.00/- Rs.185.00/-
Mesmara Dead Sea Mud,200g
Why Mesmara Dead Sea Mud Mesmara Dead Sea Mud Is Greyish To Blackish Clay Which Has Stimulating A..
Mesmara Hibiscus powder 75g
Hibiscus flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but also offer great benefits for the skin and h..
Rs.249.00/- Rs.225.00/-
Mesmara Indigo powder 300 gm
The aloe vera plant is considered to be a miracle plant because of its numerous curative and healing..
Mesmara Kaolin Clay 100gm
Kaolin clay is used as face masks because of its ability to adsorb toxins without drying out..
Rs.249.00/- Rs.200.00/-
Mesmara Lemon peel powder 100g
Extraction Mesmara Lemon Peel Powder is made from peels of organically grown highest quality Lemo..
Rs.299.00/- Rs.270.00/-
Mesmara Mulethi Powder 100g
Mulethi Powder Mulethi which is also known as licorice root Is an Ayurvedic ingredient which is ver..
Rs.299.00/- Rs.240.00/-
Mesmara Multani Mitti 175g
Multani Mitti have super absorption capacity, which helps to absorb excess oil and dirt from..
Rs.180.00/- Rs.162.00/-
Mesmara Neem Powder 100g
Neem Powder Tired of trying different cosmetic products to treat dandruff and acne? Switch to the n..
Rs.249.00/- Rs.200.00/-
Mesmara Orange peel powder 100 g
Orange Peel is considered as a boon for face and skin care as it cures blackheads, dead cells, acne,..
Rs.249.00/- Rs.200.00/-