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Christine Valmy Exo-Val Cream,40gm
Purifying, non-irritating, exfoliating body mask ..
Christine Valmy Open Pores Diminishing Mask,40g
Texturizing Mask For Oily Skin With Large Pores. Creates A Visible Difference By Smoothing And Eveni..
Out Of Stock
Christine Valmy Skin Healing Mask,40g
For All Skin Types With Irritation.Helps Soothe, Heal And Calm The Skin, Especially Benefici..
Christine Valmy Soothing Mask, 40g
Excellent For All Skin Types With Irritations.Soothing For Irritation Prone Skin.Has Healing..
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Christine Valmy Valte Hydrating Masque,40gm
Christine Valmy Valte Hydrating Masque,40gm ..
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Christine Valmy Vegetal Peeling  Mask,40gm
Exfoliating Enzyme Mask.Digests Intercellular Glue.Very Effectively And Gently Exfoliates De..
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Estrella Intenso Golden Glow Twin Mask
Intenso Golden Glow Twin Mask has a new-age combination of a soak mask which deeply nourishes a..
Estrella Intenso Peel off  Mask Charcoal,25g
The marine algae, when mixed with water forms a hydrocolloid gel, which helps slow migration..
Estrella Intenso Peel off  Mask Pure White,25g
Out Of Stock
Estrella Intenso Peel off Mask Rose,25 g
This super brightening peel off mask enhanced with Rosa Damascena petals – a hybrid rose, gives a vi..
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Mesmara Activated Coconut Charcoal 125gm
Activated carbon manufactured from coconut shell is considered superior to those obtained fr..
Rs.250.00/- Rs.200.00/-
Mesmara Aloe Vera Peel Off Mask,30g
Why Mesmara Professional Aloe Vera Peel Off Mask The Aloe Vera plant has a 2000 year history of u..
Rs.180.00/- Rs.162.00/-
Mesmara Aloe Vera powder 125 gm
The aloe vera plant is considered to be a miracle plant because of its numerous curative and healing..
Rs.250.00/- Rs.200.00/-
Mesmara Amla Powder 125 g
Amla powder is dried and powdered Indian gooseberry. Revered in Ayurvedic medicine, it’s been used f..
Rs.250.00/- Rs.175.00/-
Mesmara Bentonite Clay 200gm
Bentonite Clay mask will help draw out toxins through the skin. The electrical charge produc..
Rs.250.00/- Rs.175.00/-