Salon Supplies

Are you a Salon Owner and looking for Salon use products ? is the right choice for you to buy Salon Products.We offer various kinds of products that can help you to concentrate on your core business.For more information,please contact us .

We offer :

  1. Waxing related products like Wax Strips,Wax Tins,Wax knives,Wax Tins,Wax Heaters etc.
  2. Eyebrow threading related products like eyebrow threads,eyebrow mirrors,eyebrow scissors etc.
  3. Men shaving related products like After Shave lotions,Shaving Blades,Shaving Foam,Taiwan Razors etc.
  4. Disposable items like Cotton,Disposable Bed Sheets,Disposable Facial Gowns,Disposable Bouffant Caps,Disposable Female panties,Disposable Hand Gloves,Disposable Langot,Disposable Mouth Mask,Disposable Neck Roll,Disposable Shower Caps,Facial tissues etc.
  5. Manicure & Pedicure products like Foot Creams,Bath Salts,Nail Cutters,Foot Scrappers etc.
  6. Face & Body Care products like Facial Kits,Cleansers,Sun Screen Lotions,Under Eye Creams,Hair removers,Skin Oils etc.
  7. Hair Care products like Henna,Blow Dryers,Hair Straighteners,Hair Color Brushes,Scissors,Anti-dandruff Hair Serum etc.